Endeavor 6-10kVA Tower On-line Uninterruptible Power Supply

True on-line UPSs for sensitive electronic equipment and critical servers, network devices, and phone systems

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The Minuteman® Endeavor™ Tower Series UPS provides yet another configuration for mission critical, large-load applications.

Data Centers
Enterprise Telephone

Spec Sheets
  • ED6200T - 6000VA/4200W UPS Unit with 208V/240V input/output
  • ED6000T - 6000VA/4200W UPS Unit with 208V/240V input and 120V + 208V/240V output
  • ED10200T - 10000VA/7000W UPS Unit with 208V/240V input/output
  • ED10000T - 10000VA/7000W UPS Unit with 208V/240V input and 120V + 208V/240V output
  • ED6-120RB - 120V receptacle box
  • ED6-208RB - 208V receptacle box
External battery pack
  • EDBP10000T External battery pack pack for ED6000T, ED6200T, ED10000T and ED10200T UPS systems
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Minuteman® 6-10kVA On-line Tower UPS

    • True on-line topology with pure sine wave output
    • Single-phase, 208V input, 120/208/240 output options
    • Parallel configurations for 6, 12, 18 and 24kVA for 6kVA models
    • Parallel configurations for 10 and 20kVA for 10kVA models
    • LCD and LED visual indicators
    • Extended runtime with external battery packs
    • Digital signal processor (DSP) controlled
    • Intelligent self-diagnosis
    • Emergency Power-off (EPO)
    • Communications capability via RS-232 or optional SNMP (2 slots)
    • High input Power Factor and low voltage THD
    • Energy efficient UPS
    • Remotely test the major operating functions of UPS
    • Optional maintenance bypass


    • VoIP
    • Data centers
    • Server racks
    • Large network switches
    • Total rack tower support
    • Large PBX systems

    The Endeavor Tower Series is yet another option for applications that require the best protection available. This feature-rich, single-phase, true on-line UPS has been designed to support large loads for data centers, large telephone systems and other mission-critical applications.

    A perfectly regulated, continuous sine wave output with zero transfer time offers guaranteed uptime and compatibility with all equipment types


    • Maintenance bypass switch
    • Galvanic isolated transformer for 120V applications.
    • Parallel kit

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