SNMP-NET Communications Card

Optional UPS Communications Card

Compatible UPSs:

Endeavor 6 & 10kVA
Endeavor 5/6/8/10kVA
Endeavor LCD 1-3kVA
EnterprisePlus LCD
Encompass LCD
Encompass RT
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SNMP-NET Communications Card

Optional UPS Communications Card for Minuteman UPSs

The SNMP-NET card is one of the most feature-rich and secure network interface cards available for management and control of a UPS on a LAN. Compatible with the EnterprisePlus, Endeavor, and PRO-RT Series, the SNMP-NET can be configured to monitor the status of a UPS and issues commands from any accessible workstation on a network.

Access to the card is can be made either through an NMS using SMNP protocols or through HTTP(s) using most industry-standard web browsers. The bundled SNMP management software, which is compatible with various popular operating systems, can automatically search and link multiple SNMP-NET cards throughout the network and communicate with them via the SNMP protocol.

The software is designed to retrieve information from the UPS and can execute commands in response to events and alarms generated by the SNMP-NET card, including the automatic graceful shutdown computer systems to prevent the abnormal power off of hosts, servers or workstations due to power-related events.

  • Network connection through RJ45 connector - Allows connection of the UPS directly to the Ethernet network through a RJ45 connector without using RS232 or USB ports on the computer and without loading any individual UPS management software on the network server.
  • Network UPS management - Allows remote management of the UPS from any workstation through Internet or Intranet.
  • Remote UPS monitoring via SNMP, HTTP - Allows monitoring of the UPS using the MIB (Management Information Base), or an Internet Browser.
  • Configure UPS and system functions from any client (password protected) - Configure the UPS and the system parameters from any SNMP management station or through an Internet Browsers using HTTP forms and objects.
  • Event logs & Metering data stored in the EEPROM - Provides historical data of UPS’ power events, power quality, current status and battery condition.
  • Multiple server shutdown - The shutdown software included provides an automatic shutdown either pre-programmed by administrator or when critical power events occur.
  • Notification of users via SNMP Traps and e-mail through SMTP
  • Network Time Protocol supported
  • Telnet support for configuration
  • BOOTP/DHCP supported
  • NetBIOS Name Service supported
  • MD5 HTTP security
  • 3-year Warranty - equivalent to most Minuteman UPS warranty policy lengths to ensure consistent protection

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to:


NOTE: SNMP-NET cards feature application-specific part numbers:

SNMP-NET cards are compatible with:

SNMP-NET for ED6&10KV compatible with:
SNMP-NET Monitoring Accessories

The following monitoring accessories are available for SNMP-NET cards:

Environmental Monitoring

    Adds environmental monitoring capabilities to the SNMP-NET UPS management cards

Additional resources

SNMP-NET Monitoring Accessories Images


View complete specifications tables in the SNMP Brochure (PDF)


Network Connection RJ-45 Jack Connection
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40° C
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 80 %
Power Input 9 ~ 24V DC
Power Conusmption 1 Watt Maximum
Size 130 mm x 60 mm (L x W)
Weight 58g
Warranty 3 years
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