To determine the best solution for your application, we must know the power protection needs of your system. You can determine that need by finding the VA (Volt-Amp) Rating of all the hardware items that are to be connected to the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This form provides the means and instructions to determine the rating for your system. If you need additional assistance, please call (800)238-7272 U. S. only or (972) 446-7363.

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Critical Equipment
- List all hardware items that will be connected to the UPS. One item per line.

- List amp rating for each piece of equipment itemized above. You can typically find the amp rating on the back of each hardware piece.

- List input voltage for each piece of equipment itemized above. Input voltage is typically listed on the back of the equipment as well. If the volts are given as a range or cannot be found, you can use the industry standard of 120 for the U.S. or 240 for most other countries.

- Enter the quantity of each piece of equipment itemized above.Determine the number of each hardware piece that will be attached to the UPS and enter it here.

Runtime - How run-time is necessary for your application?

Expansion - You should always account for growth. We recommend that you account for 5% growth for each year over 5 years, or a total of 25%.

Total VA Rating - By adding expansion, you should be able to determine the total VA rating for your system.

Can all of your critical equipment be protected by one UPS?
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Are you running an SNMP application?
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Do you need remote power management for individual devices?
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What Operating System(s) are you using?

Operating System Version Number(s)?

Comments - Please provide us with any additional information about your specific application or requirements.

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