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“The MINUTEMAN UPS team was versatile and helped us determine the perfect equipment to eliminate power problems so the system never goes down, especially during exams,” stated Jones. “In addition to offering advanced, yet reliable UPS systems with the extended runtime we need, their team provided the high level of support and specifying assistance that allowed us to be prepared for growth well into the future.”

--- John Jones Director of Network Services for Berea College

Find out how MINUTEMAN UPS protects the Berea College

"Always a company I can count on, no matter the department."
--- V.L., Itasca, IL

"Being in distribution it is comforting to know that your service is quick and smooth. It adds to the selling point to our customers."
--- M. D., Fort Meyers, FL

I want to convey my appreciation and sincerity towards your product.

A few years back I purchased my first PC for the home. I wanted everything to be the best, and I made my purchase when I was a Customer Service Representative for a computer wholesale company. At my job I was able to observe the good and bad products, and I learned the ins and outs of a computer system. I also saw a variety of UPSs come through our door.

I was very concerned about a UPS for I have heard so many horror stories about systems being fried by lightning. I live next door to the lighting Capital of the World -- Lake Wales, Florida.

Our company had put STOP orders on other brands of UPSs and had started a new order with MINUTEMAN UPS. After a few months I noticed that there were absolutely no returns on your UPS units, so I bought a MINUTEMAN

Since I bought my system I have experienced numerous attacks on my PC from lightning -- my house has been hit three times. I have lost TVs and entertainment equipment. Today lighting hit close by and shut down the power for a couple of hours, yet my system didn't even flicker and I was able to continue my work by candlelight.

I find myself time and time again thanking this little box called MINTUEMAN, that works so quietly here next to my feet. I praise this system to all my tech friends and those who are in need of protection from Mother Nature. Thanks for the quality that is so hard to find in products today. Everything else in my system has been upgraded one way or another but not my MINUTEMAN UPS.

Thanks again.

"I have worked for a distributor in the past and have always sold and recommended your products because of your service, support, and quality"
--- R.M., West Palm Beach, FL

"I not only will recommend Minuteman because of your service but I will never buy any other UPS. And I will convert all my customers to Minuteman. Thank you for being so service oriented."
--- M.R., Cooper City, FL

"Myself and my clients have been using Minuteman products for some time now. I'm still very happy with my SmartSine S2000 UPS. Thanks for providing such good products!"
--- K.R., Denville, NJ

"We work in recording studios almost everyday. Our art and livelihoods are at the mercy of the AC power at all times, especially when working with Digital Audio. Not only can the session go down but we could lose everything from a dip or drop in power to our hard drives. The E1100 Minuteman Uninteruptible power supply is the answer. This is truly insurance for our art. We have insurance against equipment theft, this is insurance against product theft from the power company! Built like a rock, flexible, and reliable! A must have for anyone serious about their recording and studio craft!"

Zoro (Drummer for Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons and many more) Visit Zoro's Web site at

Russ Miller (Los Angeles Studio Drummer, The Fifth Dimension, A Taste of Honey and Studio Owner)

"You guys make a great product."
--- JN from Accu-tech Corp

"Daniel Bright and I wanted to express our appreciation for your software assistance to get the SentryPlus to function with the XP SP3 system. It is up and running fine thanks to the support. Although Daniel and I cut our teeth on DOS & COM Ports, the SentryPlus set up caught us off guard. The problem ended up being an unused dial up modem had grabbed COM3 on restarts. We disabled the modem and it came up fast and fine. Thanks again and our regards."
--- Bill C. French ABR Systems Integrators Inc., Atlanta, GA

"EDS turned to MINUTEMAN UPS, which has been an important and trusted vendor for many years.”
---Mary Frances Hoover, Director of Marketing Centers, EDS

It's a pleasure to do business with a company that makes a quality product and backs it up with excellent support and warranties... Great tech support. Knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. Solid product lineup. Please keep up the good work!
- D. Lawson - Round Lake, IL

EDS Experience

"MINUTEMAN UPS has repeatedly proven to EDS that its products can eliminate power concerns in challenging situations."
--- Neil Youngblood, MCSE, System Administrator Advanced, EDS

Find out how MINUTEMAN UPS protects the EDS Experience

I was so impressed with performance and service that I purchased a PRO500E for my home PC as well. We have 5 PRO500E (work stations) and 1 PRO1100E (server) here at work.
- R. Eanes - St Petersburg, Florida

We'll give you very high marks at this point, though we have not had them long enough to know how well they last. So far, they have been rock solid, and a big improvement over the previous APCs.
- B. Fitton - Tacoma, WA

Subject: Excellent Service

I'm taking time to let you know how impressed I was with the response I received from your technical support staff.

After leaving a message I was promptly called back by your support personnel named Jeff. Moreover, Chris "step-by-step" trouble shooting assistance and "real world" advice was nothing less than exceptional. It is a rare treat when you can communicate with someone over the phone who can give you complete and comprehensive service and advice. Chris is a credit to your organization. Keep up the good work!


"The MINUTEMAN UPS is always put to good use here at Klug's Photo World. I work on large photo files and I live out in the country where we have a lot of power interruptions. Without your UPS we would lose all of our hard work each time that would happen and for a while it was happening daily. It gives me plenty of time to save and shut down our computers. We have them on both of our computers. So Thank you for the Ipod - it is a nice bonus and I will put it to good use - and thank you for your great product. "
--- Jeffrey R Klug, Owner, Klug's Photo World, Hubertus WI

Your technical assistance is among the best I have ever experienced. Jeff, the technician who assisted me with an installation issue was knowledgeable, fast, efficient, and friendly.
- P. Mata - Miramar, FL

APC provided virtually no customer service. I had a problem at installation of MN 525 which was immediately addressed by Minuteman.
- B. Walters - Mt Pleasant, SC

I am so pleased with your product that I am planning on buying a couple more for my other computers.
- C. Soloky - Wagener, South Carolina

It is a good product. Buyers always want more for less. I think I got it. Keep it up.
- J. Carter - Luling, Texas

Only 15 minutes after I installed an MN 325, I suffered a total power failure and the unit worked as advertised. Talk about timing! I haven't had any other power failures since, but I know that if I do I'll be protected.
- L. Neidow - Kentwood, MI

Thank you for great products with very reasonable prices!
- I. Komir - Austin, TX

You can't improve on an excellent product! I wouldn't even consider using another brand. Keep up the good work. Thanks, John Sandi Chaplin, Minuteman user for life.
- J. Chaplin - Foristell, Missouri

My power here at the office is very shaky at best and MINUTEMAN has saved me numerous headaches. Thanks!
- B. Arredondo - Fort Worth, Texas

After many years of recommending UPS systems to Comm / Ind customers I didn't install one on my own computer until I lost about 20 files. Won't be without one again and the MINUTEMAN is compact and only needs to be plugged in. Thanks.
- W. Banks - Fort Mohave, AZ

Power varies considerably at my location and your product has saved me tremendous trouble. Thanks
- N. Murphy - Atlanta, Georgia

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